"Shaile shaile na maanikyam mautikam na gaje gaje Saadhawona hi sarvatra chandanam na vane vane."
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100% Agro-based business protecting environment, bestowing high returns to investors and providing foreign exchange to Government.
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Universal Cash Crops India Pvt. Ltd. is headquartered in Hyderabad, India. The company has launched its prestigious Chandan Valley Project, a sandalwood plantation in the Visakhapatnam District of Andhra Pradesh, India. Chandan Valley Project is the dream come true of all its patrons, investors, partners, friends and well-wishers.

Universal Cash Crops India Pvt. Ltd. is a 100% agro-based business that deals in developing sandalwood plantations. With expert advice and guidance from agro-professionals, agricultural scientists and academicians from reputed agricultural universities across India, the company has launched the one-of-its-kindChandan Valley Project.

Universal Cash Crops India Pvt. Ltd. is an agro based company promoted by scientists and farmers with vast experience in cultivating cash crops like White Sandal, Red Sandal, Malabar Neem, Guava, Apple Berry, Black Jamon and Bamboo etc.,

With a determined goal to bring prosperity and happiness for all, Universal Cash Crops India Pvt. Ltd. makes it possible for everyone to invest in the high-earning potential, and lucrative sandalwood plantations. We do not make any false promises, but bank on the increasing demand and price of sandalwood in the national and global market.

Globally, the sandalwood prices have been increasing year after year. In India, by 1990 the price of sandalwood was 1,78,500 rupees per metric ton; by 2000 it has risen to 10,81,000 rupees per metric ton; and by 2010 it has risen to 55,35,000. So in 20 years period, the price of sandalwood in India has rise almost 50 times. (Source: Mysore Sandal Soaps, Karnataka)

Beneficially, Universal Cash Crops India Pvt. Ltd. could achieve returns on sandalwood plantations within far lesser timeframes. In the wild, if a Sandalwood plant takes 25 to 30 years to grow, at our sandalwood farms the sandalwood is ready for the market in 12~15 years. This phenomenal success in producing sandalwood in far lesser timeframes was made possible only by adopting modern agricultural practices.

By nature, sandalwood plants are dependent on other plant species for growth and development. By cultivating Guava, Mango, Pomegranate, Custard apple, CajanusCajanusand multiple cash crops along with sandalwood plants, we could not only meet the sandalwood plants requirement for soil nutrients, but also could enhance our earningsthrough different cash crop yields. By this way, we have ensured a promising scope for good returns on all investments made in sandalwood

Sandalwood Plantation

Sandalwood plantations constitute a highly lucrative business. Globally, the sandalwood supplies are not able to match its rising demand. In India, sandalwood is used for a variety of reasons: Making idols of gods and goddesses, furniture, medicine and religious purposes.

Traditionally, the sandalwood was sourced from forests under strict government supervision and control. With large scale cutting down of sandalwood tress, illegal trade in sandalwood, and the rising demand for sandalwood imports from Australia, the government had to change its sandalwood policy. In 2001, government of India legalized the cultivation of sandalwood.

Sandalwood business facts:

  • Sandalwood is basically used for extraction of an essential oil (sandal oil), and as a source of wood for carving.
  • Globally, India and Indonesia are the two major producers and exporters of sandalwood. The United States and France are the two largest importers of sandalwood.
  • India accounts for some 90% of sandal oil production in the world.
  • Sandalwood trees tend to grow very slowly, gradually developing a core of heartwood
  • Flowering in 4-5 years signals the formation of heartwood
  • Sandalwood trees that are of 12-15 years produce higher heart wood yield anywhere between 20 and 40 kiloswith higher rate of returns assured
  • The environment has an effect on the quality of the wood and oil. Much of the sandalwood is obtained from natural forests, small quantities are also obtained from plantations and trees growing in private fields
  • Harvested wood is cut into billetsand transported
  • The heartwood of the trunk, main branches and roots is used in essential oil distillation
  • The sapwood is used for carving. Sandalwood is much prized as a wood. In India, the sapwood is used for wood turning, particularly toy making
  • Only 8 countries in the world have a conducive climate for the growth of sandalwood plants
  • Sandalwood touches almost every aspect of our lives starting with religion to beauty/skin care products, herbal medicines, fragrances, arts and crafts etc.


Universal Cash Crops India Pvt. Ltd. has been in the forefront of forging strategic and mutually beneficial partnerships in the field of agro-business, cash crops, seeds and fertilizers, agro-technology and instruments etc. To realize the Chandan Valley Project, the company has tied-up with reputed and quality conscious national and international vendors and suppliers to bring high value to the project.

As we adhere to global plantations and cash crops standards, our partnerships have been based on meticulous profiling of partner companies. In addition to technology companies and universities of India, we have also allied with individual consultants at national and international level. Our partnerships are built on one aim; to ensure that the Chandan Valley Project takes off smoothly, and that complete value is assured to our customers / investors of the Project. We are sure our strategic partnerships will enable us to ensure prompt project delivery and offer complete value for all our stakeholders.

Sandal Wood Cultivation Project Amenities Our Location

Chandan Valley Project aims to bring happiness and prosperity to all. Located in the pristine surrounding of the Eastern Ghats, the Chandan Valley presents a stunning visual treat for everyone.

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The highlight of the project through is a proposed modern Weekend Home laced with all homely comforts. So that you can cherish your stay and escape into the realms of nature’s splender.

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A perfect location holds the keys for a project's success .It has to meet the demands of accessibility and potential for future development in its neighbourhood.

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